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“The program is easy to use and I actually enjoy using it, which means that I keep up with my day-to-day tracking... and this is key to figuring out when you're going to ovulate!”

-- Ginger (North Carolina, USA)

Desktop Version:

Windows Desktop Version of the Hormonal Forecaster

The Hormonal Forecaster is quite simply the best fertility software available. It is jam packed with features. From ovulation charting with fertility and menstrual cycle extrapolation to multiple techniques of complex behavioral analysis, the Hormonal Forecaster has numerous features that go well beyond typical software. It's all engineered to be as simple, and yet powerful and efficient, as possible.

Hormonal Forecaster Palm Edition

Below you will find an overview of the desktop version. It includes a listing of features, screen captures, and a download link so that you can begin using it immediately.

Desktop Version Features

Fertility Features:

Personal Statistic Features:

  • Your Own Six Day Forecast of Probable Moods or Behaviors
  • Record, View, and Search Daily Personal Notes to keep track of other textual information.
  • Thirty-One Day Customizable Graph of Tracked Events
  • Select Up To 20 Behaviors, Moods, or Actions to Record and Monitor
  • Three Stat Compiling Methods: Menstrual Cycle Based, Lunar Cycle Based, and Weekday Based
  • Month Overview Statistics for Long Term Trends
  • Generate Frequency Report for Tracked Events
  • Analyze Relationship Reports for Trends Between Tracked Events
  • Create Occurrence Reports that Enumerate Dates on which Specific Events were Recorded.
  • Countdown Future Events and Track Progress as its Updated Every Second

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Comprehensive Palm Synchronization Support
  • Comprehensive Pocket PC Synchronization Support
  • Comprehensive Web Edition Synchronization Support (NEW)
  • Export Program Screens to JPEG Image Files that can be sent as attachments in emails.
  • Password Protect Individual Files
  • Printable Graphs, Reports, and calendars (with Print Option)
  • Calendar with Multiple Viewing Options
  • Ability to Record Events for Future Reference
  • Customizable Background Skin and Colors
  • Displays Approximate Phases of the Moon as Calendar Icons and/or Specific Lunar Cycle Dates
  • Easy Installation and Uninstallation
  • Tips of the Day
  • Recently Used File List
  • Graphical Interface Enhancements
  • Backup option for data files

Desktop Version Screen Captures

Click on any of the desktop screen captures to view a larger image.

Single Month Calendar View
Full Month Calendar Viewing Mode with Recorded Events

Ovulation Charting
Example of a Generated Symptothermal Fertility Chart
(Ovulation Chart) with Patent Pending Chart Shading Technology.

BBT Chart
Basal Body Temperature Chart Comparison

Personal Six Day Forecast
A Personal Six Day Forecast Where Mouseover Identifies Events

Pregnancy Advisory Fertility Graph
Fertility Awareness - Customizable Pregnancy Advisory Graph

Medium Month Calendar View
Medium Calendar Viewing Mode with Colored Cycle Dates to Indicate Ovulation Related Cycle Dates

Program Report - Relationship Statistics
A Sample of One of the Many Reports the Program Will Generate

Synchronization Support

The Hormonal Forecaster desktop version is designed to be the central software that unites the different versions. It contains the most diverse feature set and the most advanced computational capabilities. You can enter and view your data using other platform editions and then synchronize back with your desktop computer to maintain a permanent record and point of reference. While each version of the Hormonal Forecaster can still be used on its own, synchronization offers you the most flexibility to combine individual solutions to best cater to your fertility and personal information needs.

Enter data on the web or with your handheld device
and synchronize it back to your desktop software.

Download the Desktop Version

You can download the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster and begin using it immediately by using the download link below. The download is provided free of charge with no obligation to purchase the software so that you can discover its vast capabilities. Additional information and installation instructions can be found on the download page.

Free download link:

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