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“I just wanted to thank you for such a great program. It helped my wife learn to chart her fertility. I’m happy to report that as of last weekend, we’re now expecting parents.”

-- Kevin (Michigan, USA)

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Below you will find several links related to the Hormonal Forecaster's functionality that you may find useful. The topics include Natural Family Planning, Ovulation Prediction, Gender Selection, Parenting, Chronobiology, and Behavioral Predictability. If a link becomes outdated or you'd like to suggest another one that other program users may find useful, email your suggestion to support@hormonalforecaster.com.


Doctor Are You Listening?
This book chronicles a couple's struggle to find the right infertility doctor. It is a heartfelt personal recount of the author's own experience with infertility and is supplemented by expert commentary from Dr. Khatamee. A great read that also offers some practical advice based upon actual experience and expertise.

Fertility Awareness Websites

Fertility Instructor .com
FertilityInstructor.com offers a thorough overview of fertility awareness. Whether you are looking to achieve pregnancy or just track your cycles, this site can help you understand your charting options. This is an excellent site to introduce users to fertility charting.

Indicators of Fertility
FertilityUK is an excellent source of information on the symptothermal method and its components. This organization is the national fertility awareness and Natural Family Planning (NFP) service for the United Kingdom. It contains a wealth of practical knowledge that many will find useful.

Beyond Fertility - A Family is Born
Offering advice, information and products on preconception, pregnancy, babies, breastfeeding and family planning. For fertility and beyond. It has articles on topics such as charting techniques, choosing the gender of your baby, and other information useful for those trying to get pregnant.

Peer parenting website and resource. Includes helpful information on all stages of growing your family: preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, and children.

Web Womb
A website devoted to fertility awareness methods such as basal body temperatures and cervical mucus observations that the Hormonal Forecaster uses. This provides some background information for those interested in learning more.

My Fertility Charts
Chart your fertility records online using the Hormonal Forecaster Web Edition at MyFertilityCharts.com.

Gender Selection

Choosing your Baby's Sex FAQ
A useful FAQ that presents both sides of the issues on gender selection through natural means such as the Shettles method. Some unscientific data is also presented that has been collected by various visitors. Overall this is a down to earth and honest summary of gender selection.

The Ancient Art of Baby Making
A short article that appeared in the January 26, 2004 issue of Newsweek. This issue's cover story discussed scientific advancements and the potential to decisively choose gender and the moral and ethical questions raised. This article was included with the feature story to describe common folk lore techniques and mentions the Shettles method.

Low-Tech Ways to Choose Your Baby's Gender
An overview of some natural and inexpensive means to choose gender. This article focuses on techniques like the Shettles method and discusses recommendations beyond the timing of intercourse.

Chinese Birth Calendar
To illustrate an example of an alternative technique, WebWomb has made the Chinese Birth Calendar available on their site. It is suppose to be an ancient Chinese secret for use to predict your baby's gender. It's effectiveness is questionable and, like many techniques, should be used for entertainment purposes only.

Pregnancy Resources

Pregnancy Info Net
This site will help you all the way through your pregnancy with information spanning the spectrum all the way from getting pregnant to baby teething. It has several articles that are quick and to the point and offer insightful information and a variety of tips.

A week by week look at how your pregnancy and baby are developing during your pregnancy.

BabyCenter - Preconception
Information for couples who are planning to add children to their family but don't already have any on the way. Find out information on how to get pregnant, view message boards, and more. An overall good resource for prospective (and even expecting) parents.

Stork Net's Week-By-Week Pregnancy Guide
A useful site to use in conjunction with the Hormonal Forecaster. It allows you to view weekly information about your baby's progress and includes ideas and inspirational thoughts as well as information on fetal development. Check the Hormonal Forecaster to see which week your pregnancy term is in, and log into this site for a variety of information.

Pregnancy Calendar
This site is useful for mothers who are currently pregnant and interested in the progress of their pregnancy. It includes a free interactive pregnancy calendar offering general information on your baby's progress. A useful tool for the twenty-first century mom-to-be.

Expecting Parents and Parenthood

Useful information and tools - baby name search, pregnancy calendar, message boards and much more.

Pregnancy at SheKnows.com
A useful website with resources on pregnancy, articles on babies, and information on parenting. There are several informative articles and message boards to interact with other expecting parents.

The Dad Zone
This website has information for fathers, expecting fathers, and potential fathers respectively. A wide range of resources from how to conceive and relationships to the delivery room and parenting tricks and tips.

Human Predictability and Chronobiology

There Really Is a Wrong Way to Eat a Reeses
A researched paper introducing the elements of human predictability and chronobiology that the Hormonal Forecaster's behavioral features were founded on. Information on the biological, psychological, and evolutionary reasons human beings are innately predictable.

Other Links

Octane Internet
Octane Internet has helped the Hormonal Forecaster with web development and other specific needs in the past. Their professional services have been well received and appreciated. Clocking Edge Software highly recommends them based upon our experiences.

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