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““I don't know what I would do without the Hormonal Forecaster! Thank you!” ”

-- Eugenia (Indiana, USA)

You can now get a permanent license for the Hormonal Forecaster desktop software for free with TrialPay. See how it works below.

What TrialPay Is Not

TrialPay does not affect your download in any way. The Hormonal Forecaster is completely free of adware, spyware, and advertisements. The software download is continually monitored by third party companies to ensure this.

TrialPay only changes how you get your permanent license for the desktop software. Instead of purchasing a license directly from Clocking Edge software, you can qualify for a FREE license by completing an offer from a third party sponsor. This is your choice. You browse the available offers at your leisure. The software does not advertise offers, you will never see pop-ups, and you will not receive annoying emails.

Browse a List of Qualifying TrialPay Offers Online

What TrialPay Is

This is how TrialPay works:

TrialPay is a new partnership that allows you to get a completely free license for the Hormonal Forecaster at absolutely no cost. Your licensing fee is effectively being paid by a sponsor.

There are many great offers to choose from. You can even pick one out now while you are waiting for the Hormonal Forecaster to download and install.

Do I have to use TrialPay?

No. TrialPay only acts as an additional purchasing option to license the Hormonal Forecaster. You do not need to participate. You can still register the software normally by paying a one time licensing fee directly to the software developer.

Limited Time Offer

The traditional registration options will always be available if you decide to license the Hormonal Forecaster. This special offer for a free license through TrialPay is only good for a limited time. It will only be available as long as the partnership between TrialPay and Clocking Edge is active. If you are considering using TrialPay, you are encouraged to do so soon to guarantee that the offer will still be available.

If you purchase the software for free using TrialPay, you will receive a permanent and indefinite license. This license will remain valid even if the partnership with TrialPay ends. This partership only affects how long this offer to obtain a free license will remain on this site. This offer is still active, so act now.

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact support@hormonalforecaster.com.


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