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“The Hormonal Forecaster took the hassle out of charting and encouraged me to manage my fertility using natural family planning.”

-- Natasha (Ontario, Canada)

iPhone and iPad App

The Hormonal Forecaster is now MyFertilityCharts.com. You can download the My Fertility Charts app from the Apple App store for your iPhone or iPad. You can use the app by itself to record and view charts or also MyFertilityCharts.com

Unlike most apps, the My Fertility Charts app backs up your data so you can access it online or using your phone. It also ensures that you can still recover your cycle history and charts even if your cell phone is lost or damaged. You and your significant other even can both install the app on separate Android and/or Apple phones and associate with the same account to share access to your fertility.

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App Description

My Fertility lets you manage your fertility by tracking and charting multiple symptoms. This powerful app will estimate your fertile time and calculate ovulation. Use it to track cycles or try to get pregnant.

You can record symptoms of your choice such as menstruation, basal body temperatures (BBT), cervical mucus (CM), cervix state, LH ovulation test results, and/or fertility monitor readings. The app applies scientifically backed techniques given your recorded symptoms. It supports numerous natural family planning (NFP) methods including sympto-thermal, the Marquette method, Vollman, M&R, Over6, Averaging, Smoothing, and more. It has been reviewed and approved by instructional programs.

You can also login to MyFertilityCharts.com to print your charts and access additional features. You can even install the app on more than one iPhone/Android phone so a couple can both view and access data (if setup to use the same account login). Data is stored on your phone so it is accessible even without an internet connection.

This app uses software algorithms that have been helping women achieve conception since 1999. It offers the same patent pending techniques normally only available on MyFertilityCharts.com.

App Features

  • Analysis Features:
    • Menstrual calendar
    • Ovulation chart
    • Period Tracker
    • Fertility analysis
    • Identify fertile window
    • Detailed fertile window explaination +
    • Cycle history
    • Cycle statistics +
    • Ovulation estimates
    • Detailed ovulation prediction +
    • Confidence scores +
    • Fertility graph +
    • Fertility shading +
  • Supported Symptoms:
    • Basal Body Temperatures
    • Adjust BBT for late or early temp taking
    • Cervical mucus
    • Cervix observations
    • Fertility monitor
    • LH ovulation test results
    • More than 100 events
    • 20 custom defined events
  • Other Features:
    • Password protection
    • Access data on more than one iPhone/iPad or Android Phone/Tablet by associating with the same account
    • Access and print charts online at MyFertilityCharts.com
    • Supports data entry and viewing even without an internet connection (this is not just a web app)
    • No advertisements
    • Message boards
+ Some advanced features are only available with a premium MyFertilityCharts.com subscription. Basic charting, period tracking, data recording, and other features are offered regardless of subscription status. This app itself is free.


This tool should not be used for medical purposes or as a substitute for medical advice. Actual performance and results are not guaranteed. Use at your own risk.

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