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“My doctor was very impressed with all the data I was able to give him. Finally in June 2003 we conceived our first child!!!”

-- Jennifer (New York, USA)

Testimonials from Hormonal Forecaster Users

"As a health care provider, it is refreshing to see a tool with so many features that makes charting fun and encourages women to take an active and natural role in controlling their fertility."

-- Pharmacist (Virginia, USA)

"I've been most impressed with the number of features that the program offers. It does an excellent job with fertility calculations and also allows you to look at other statistics that can be both relevant and fun."

-- Shelly

"The program is easy to use and I actually enjoy using it, which means that I keep up with my day-to-day tracking... and this is key to figuring out when you're going to ovulate!"

-- Ginger (North Carolina, USA)

"The intuitive interface is convenient and easy to use. I absolutely love it."

-- JR (United Kingdom)

"I’ve been using the program for over a year and still make regular use of it. It helped me conceive my daughter and is a wonderful tool I’d highly recommend."

-- Chloe (Australia)

"I love how much easier charting is with this software. My doctor found the charts I printed with it very useful and told me to keep up the good work."

-- Laura (Colorado, USA)

"I am thoroughly impressed with the Hormonal Forecaster’s ability to interpret my charts. I’ve entered data from eight past cycles and found it to perform wonderfully on all of them."

-- Jen (Florida, USA)

"The Hormonal Forecaster took the hassle out of charting and encouraged me to manage my fertility using natural family planning."

-- Natasha (Ontario, Canada)

"I just wanted to thank you for such a great program. It helped my wife learn to chart her fertility. I’m happy to report that as of last weekend, we’re now expecting parents."

-- Kevin (Michigan, USA)

"My doctor is really impressed with the charts, and I am really impressed that I can print them out to show her without having to manually fiddle about!"

-- Jennifer

"I personally found the Shettles technique to work for me with my daughter. My husband and I had fun with it knowing that it couldn’t hurt to try and might increase our odds."

-- Elizabeth (California, USA)

"Thanks for all of the work you have put into the program. It’s a great charting resource and saves me tons of time."

-- Christine (New York, USA)

"I love the customization features. The background skins give the program a personal touch and make it so much more inviting."

-- Holly (Texas, USA)

"The graphical approach of the Hormonal Forecaster makes it so much more fun for us to use."

-- Jason (Maine, USA)

"Customer support was extremely fast and efficient. I was really impressed at the level of detail they were willing to go into to help me get my problem fixed."

-- Denise (France)

"I don't know what I would do without the Hormonal Forecaster! Thank you!"

-- Eugenia (Indiana, USA)

"The Hormonal Forecaster is great for people interested in fertility tracking however, it is equally useful to help women with hormonal difficulties to track problems such as migraines."

-- Debbie (New Zealand)

"I use your program to track moods and medications and physical side effects. It helped greatly in being able to provide detailed info to my doctor(s). It helped me confirm that some medicines were causing more harm than good. This program, for me, was/is a real lifesaver. Thank-You Thank-You Thank-You!"

-- Brenda (Maryland, USA)

"I just love it, I could not survive without it. It is so convenient to be able to track your cycle, particularly for long range activity planning and vacations. Being able to track symptoms is invaluable."

-- Dawn (California, USA)

"Before getting the Hormonal Forecaster, I was convinced that I was unable to get pregnant again. After learning my best days and following the charts... I conceived!! I will definitely use this program again when I am ready to conceive again!"

-- Karen (Virginia, USA)

"The Hormonal Forecaster helped me predict my fertility through basal temps. By sharing this with my doctor, we determined that I was not ovulating on my own. Once I was prescribed fertility drugs, I knew exactly which day I ovulated and got pregnant."

-- Laura (Pennsylvania, USA)

"My doctor and midwife were both impressed by the print out reports I showed them of my cycle. Thanks to the Hormonal Forecaster I am now pregnant after 5 months of use."

-- Sara (Australia)

"My doctor was very impressed with all the data I was able to give him. Finally in June 2003 we conceived our first child!!!"

-- Jennifer (New York, USA)

"I love the Hormonal Forecaster. I used it to track my fertility, successfully got pregnant, and had my baby boy in June of 2004. I still use it to track miscellaneous stuff."

-- Monica (Italy)

"My cycle was foreign to me in terms of when I ovulated until I discovered your software."

-- Jennifer Amy (Montreal, Canada)

"My husband and I attended a Natural Family Planning course through our church. I found this software right after we completed the course. It has been VERY helpful, and MUCH easier than writing the temps on the charts daily."

-- Samantha (Indiana, USA)

"With this software I can chart out everything I need to try for another child. Thank you for making this great program!"

-- Kristy (Kentucky, USA)

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