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Installing the Hormonal Forecaster Pocket PC Edition

After installing the Hormonal Forecaster Pocket PC edition by running the downloaded file and walking through the installation wizard, some additional steps are necessary to get the Pocket PC Edition working with the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster. While it is highly recommended to use both tools, it is not strictly necessary, although you will miss out on the best possible interpretation and analysis as a result.

Please do the following to configure the desktop and Pocket PCeditions of the Hormonal Forecaster to work together:

  1. Prepare the Hormonal Forecaster PPC Application to support synchronization on the device side
    • After running the Pocket PC installation on your desktop, synchronize by connecting your Pocket PC device to your PC so that the application can be installed on your handheld device
    • After synchronizing, you should see a new "Hormonal Forecaster" application icon in your programs list.
    • Run the "Hormonal Forecaster" on your Pocket PC device.
    • From the main menu of the Hormonal Forecaster Pocket PC Edition, click on any of the buttons to create a new data file on the device. You will be prompted when this file is created (if it does not already exist). At this time the device will also enable device side synchronization support for the Hormonal Forecaster data types.

  2. Install or Upgrade the Hormonal Forecaster Desktop Edition to version 5.0 or later
    • If you do not have the Hormonal Forecaster desktop software already installed...
      • Please download and install the Hormonal Forecaster desktop version.
    • If you already have the Hormonal Forecaster desktop software installed...
      • Please make sure that you have version 5.0 or later of the desktop edition of the Hormonal Forecaster. You can check by selecting About from the Help menu within the Hormonal Forecaster.
      • If you have an earlier version, you will need to version 5.0 or later and install it. After upgrading, you must open the file you wish to synchronize with and save it using the new version so that the data records are converted into the new 5.0 storage format recognized by the synchronization utilities.
    • You can download the Hormonal Forecaster by visiting http://www.hormonalforecaster.com

  3. Register the Hormonal Forecaster on your desktop computer to support synchronization
    • If you are running Windows Vista...
      • You need to run the Hormonal Forecaster in administrator mode. To do this, you will right click on the Hormonal Forecaster link instead of left clicking it as you do normally. This will bring up a menu. Select Run as administrator from the menu (see image). This will launch the Hormonal Forecaster in administrator mode. You only need to do this when changing your handheld device settings as described in these instructions.
      • Continue to follow the instructions below
      • Extra Step for Windows Vista
    • If you are running an earlier version of Windows (XP, 2000, 98, etc.)...
      • Run the Hormonal Forecaster desktop edition normally by clicking on the link.
      • Continue to follow the instructions below
    • Within the Hormonal Forecaster, select "Preferences" from the "Options" menu and navigate to the Handheld PDAs tab.
    • Use the drop down box to select Pocket PC as the type of device to configure (see image)
    • Use the browse button to select the *.HFC desktop data file you wish to synchronize with (see image). You will want to specify the data file you normally work with (not the example file as shown in the image). If necessary, create a data file using the desktop edition of the Hormonal Forecaster (File > New followed by File > Save As). If you are using Windows Vista, it is important that you ran the software in administrator mode as described above for this setting to take effect.
    • Press the "Register HF with ActiveSync" button to register the Hormonal Forecaster data types with ActiveSync so that it can synchronize data records.
    • Press "Ok" to close the preferences.

  4. Enable the desired Hormonal Forecaster data types within ActiveSync (Windows XP/2000/etc) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista)
    • If you are running Windows Vista...
      • Run Control Panel by clicking the Start button and selecting Control Panel.
      • On the left, click Classic View to show all control panel options alphabetically.
      • Double click on Windows Mobile Device Center. The WMDC program will run.
      • Connect your handheld device if not already connected.
      • From within the Windows Mobile Device Center, expand the Mobile Device Settings and click on Change content sync settings as shown below:
      • Scroll through the list of possible objects to synchronize. Check the boxes next to the 4 HF synchronization types to enable synchronization with them. This is shown below.
    • If you are running an earlier version of Windows (XP, 2000, 98, etc.)...
      • Run ActiveSync by double clicking on the ActiveSync icon in the task bar by the clock or selecting it from the Start menu.
      • Press the "Options" button on the ActiveSync window.
      • Check the "HF" types you wish to synchronize between your device and your desktop data file and press OK. This is shown below.

    Pocket PC Synchronization Log Messages

    There are several synchronization messages that can appear during an ActiveSync session. Normally, no messages should be posted by the Hormonal Forecaster. Occassionally some will be posted to the Hot Sync utility to identify possible configuration problems. Below are some common messages and possible solutions.

    HFC Desktop Version Running

    In order to avoid possible contentions between the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster and the Pocket PC Edition, you must close the desktop version before synchronizing your handheld device. This ensures that no data files are currently being edited while the synchronization is being performed. If you receive this message, simply close the Hormonal Forecaster and try to synchronize again. When this message appears, the Hormonal Forecaster Pocket PC will abort its synchronization attempt without making any changes.

    Desktop HFC Communication Failed

    For some reason, the Pocket PC Edition was unable to find the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster. This is an important step since the Palm Edition relies on the desktop version to offload some of its computations and organize its data to ensure that you receive the most accurate information. If despite recommendations, you wish to use the Hormonal Forecaster Pocket PC Edition without the desktop version, you should customize the synchronization for it to disable the HF types by unchecking their boxes in the ActiveSync options.

    Windows System Call Failed

    This can occur for a number of reasons. The most likely is an installation problem. Many times files needed by one application will be removed when another application is uninstalled. Reinstallation will often fix this situation. Make sure that the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster is operating normally if you receive this error. Sometimes the specifics of the error causing this will be more clearly explained by the Hormonal Forecaster's desktop version if it knows more about the specific problem you are encountering. For this reason, it can be useful to run the desktop version to see if it displays any error messages.

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